Health Manager

Health Manager (HM in short) is a data processing program composed of multiple features, each of which provides such functionality as data analysis, storage and query.


AppHub is a JEE application that supports data display, control and management.

Monitor Agent

Monitor Agent (MA in short) is a JSE application that supports data collection and container control. It collects performance metrics of containers, processes and JEE applications and sends the data to Health Manager.

Monitor Framework

Monitor Framework (MOF in short) monitors JEE applications without intrusion by integrating with JEE middleware. Supported by javaagent, Monitor Framework collects application profile and performance data.


Monitoring Data

Runtime performance data of JSE and JEE applications, including the performance metrics of services (such as response time and access count), the performance metrics of client invocation (such as response time and access count), and JVM performance metrics (such as GC and heap use).

Profile Data

Descriptions of JSE and JEE applications, including refrence information of libraries, log file information, service component information, client component information and provenance-awareness information (i.e. information about access sources).

Log Data

Log data of JSE and JEE applications.

APM Data

Thread analysis data and invocation chain data, which are obtained by log collection.

Node Data

Operating system information, process information and MSCP node information of the host.

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